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Effects of anti-osteoporosis medications on radiological and clinical results after acute osteoporotic spinal fractures: a retrospective analysis of prospectively designed study.

Osteoporos Int. 2019 Aug 17;: Authors: Min HK, Ahn JH, Ha KY, Kim YH, Kim SI, Park HY, Rhyu KW, Kim YY, Oh IS, Seo JY, Chang DG, Cho JH A

INTRODUCTION: Although anti-osteoporosis medications have beneficial effects on prevention of osteoporotic spinal fractures (OSFs), few studies have compared effects of medications on fracture healing following OSFs. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to elucidate the effects of different anti-osteoporosis medications on radiological and clinical outcomes after acute OSFs. METHODS: A total of 132 patients diagnosed with acute OSFs were enrolled and allocated into three groups [group I (n = 39, no anti-osteoporosis medication), group II (n = 66, bisphosphonate), and group III (n = 27, parathyroid hormone (PTH)]. Radiological parameters including magnetic resonance (MR) classification, occurrence of intravertebral cleft (IVC), and clinical outcomes such as numerical rating scale (NRS) and Oswestry disability index were assessed. Risk analyses for IVC and progressive collapse were done along the related factors and medication type. RESULTS: IVC sign was observed in 30 patients. The rate of IVC sign was lower in group III (7.4%) than that in group I (20.5%) or group II (30.3%), although the difference was not statistically significant. Moreover, the degree of NRS improvement was better in group III than that in group I or group II (5.7 vs. 3.1 vs. 3.5, p < 0.001). On multiple regression analysis, mid-portion type fracture in MR classification was a significant risk factor for progressive OSFs. The use of PTH showed significant lower incidences of occurrence of IVC (odds ratio (OR) = 0.160) and increase in height loss (OR = 0.325). CONCLUSIONS: Different anti-osteoporosis medications presented different clinical and radiological results after acute OSFs. The use of anabolic agent significantly enhanced fracture healing, reduced progressive collapse, and presented better clinical outcomes. Proper selection of medication might improve initial management of acute OSFs. PMID: 31420700 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher]

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